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With the assistance of a selected network of partners, we will assist you in identifying the necessary human resources (in compliance with the CSSF requirements), selecting and recruiting the appropriate profiles for launching your platform.  We will advise in all positions from the administrative to the middle to top management positions including CEO, Deputy CEO, Compliance officer, IT Managers, HR director.

The HUB can provide also independent directors for ensuring proper governance of your operations and shall ensure observance on a continuing basis of the correct application of Luxembourg governance principle.

The HUB will assist you in determining the salary packages, fringe benefits in line with the markets and structure stock-option plans whenever necessary.  We will ensure compliance of the remuneration and allocation of compensation with the CSSF requirements and financial markets practices.

The HUB will assist you to benefit from the specific regime of temporarily posted employees in Luxembourg with the view to perform assignments within the framework of a transnational provision of services agreement.  


Our tax experts will make you benefit from the advantageous specific tax regime for asset managers and other posted workers.

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